Becoming an Artist

It only took me 34 years to discover that this thing I did called drawing, could be much more than something for recreation, and that it would become the thing I would build my entire future around.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep love for mythological creatures. I remember pouring over books on Ancient Greece, looking at griffins, harpies and hydras.

I was obsessed with dragons, and would spend hours sketching them burning towers down and dragging princesses off into the sky.

Art was simply a means of self expression and joy. I never thought I would turn it into a career. But as i grew older I continued to draw and paint for fun. My career was ballet, and that was all I had room for in my mind. Yet I would always carry a sketchbook with me, and on long rehearsal days when I wasn't dancing I would sit in the studio and draw. Instead of going to figure drawing classes I was sitting in a room with some of the most incredible bodies in the world, fully on display in tights and leotards? But often I would turn my sketches of ballerinas into something else. I would give them wings, or animal heads, or claws. I was turning my subjects into creatures.

When I retired from ballet I spent a couple years feeling lost, trying to figure out what to do with my life. I turned to art again, and discovered the world of textiles. I became obsessed with certain fabrics and would spend hours hunting for them at antique flea markets, fabric districts and estate sales.

An idea began to take form in my head. Could I create my own textiles with my art? How would I even go about doing that? Suddenly I had this realization. I was going to take my lifelong love of drawing and turn it into something that could become a business.

The result of this idea is the collection of printed scarves that I have created with my partner Gavin.

Immediately I knew I wanted to tap into my childhood love for mythical beasts, hence the concept for creating the Mythology Collection.

One of my first ideas was to create a dragon scarf.

Damon Grey